Launch Day - Introduction – Cryptocoin Mining Equipment

Launch Day - Introduction

Posted by Patrick Devine on

Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself and the company. My name is Patrick Devine and I, just like many of you, have searched around the internet looking for online shops to purchase my mining equipment and accessories from. There was always questions of whether or not a certain site was a scam, wondering the quality of products I was buying, and also how long it would take to receive items. Between finding sites that only excepted Crypto/Money order for payments and/or dealing with severely poor customer service from a few sites that shall remain anonymous I decided to look into creating my own site. 

Fast forward to today and here we are. This is a very small start to something I hope can grow and turn into my vision of being a trustworthy one-stop shop for all your mining needs as well as providing dependable customer service.

As I get more products in stock I will continue to be adding them onto the site. I am currently awaiting my first shipment from a supplier and am already looking at making another order for more products. As I said, I am starting rather small but hope very shortly to be able to build-up my product availability.

In terms of ASIC Miners and GPUs I have been searching and in contact with suppliers but they are all still asking inflated prices that are not reflecting the current crypto-market. At this time I will have very limited stock of these but will continue working on that front.

I have been contemplating having drop-shipping options. There are some products and options to do that, and I even have a few on the site already. I have them up and will see how sales go on them. I plan to get the drop-ship items in stock soon. Keep in mind shipping time is extended on all drop-ship items.

I hope you like the site and I look forward to helping the community out the best I can by giving the best service I can to my customers. If you have any questions or suggestions for products to have available please send us a message through our contact page or email us at

Be sure to click the link on the homepage and like our Facebook page for a 10% off discount code on Launch Week!

Thank you for your time!


Patrick Devine - Owner Cryptocoin Mining Equipment


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