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Week 2: More products on the way! Free shipping added to ALL domestic orders!

Posted by Patrick Devine on

Week two is on the books and the Lunar New Year is over. With that behind us, I have two orders from different suppliers that are now getting manufactured and shipped. Once those arrive I will be adding the new products to the page. As well as updating the stocking inventory on the breakout boards as they are almost out of stock until those orders arrive.

All drop-ship items that were purchased the last two weeks that haven't already shipped will be as of the 27th. Because of the Lunar New Year almost every supplier was shut down until the 25th/26th. Now things are back in full swing and will be on normal schedules.

I am currently working towards adding products onto the Amazon Marketplace to gain some more market visibility. I have all items on eBay as well and sales have been going great on there. 

I decided to pull the $50 or more requirement for free shipping on USA orders. Now ALL orders receive free USA shipping!

As always, if you have any suggestions or products you think should be available don't hesitate to send an email over to contact@ccminingequipment.com I will be happy to look into it. 


Patrick Devine

Cryptocoin Mining Equipment

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